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I’m Cheri Morris, a feature journalist, content writer, and social media manager with four years’ experience writing for major print/online publications and a content marketing agency.

I regularly write features for South Africa’s leading decor, design, and architecture magazine, VISI. I’ve travelled to Kenya as a travel writer and videographer/photographer to cover the Magical Kenya Travel Expo.

I've directed the digital department of an independent media house, Film & Event Media, and managed social media platforms with a following of over 100k with excellent results.

Influencer campaigns, social media copy, features, blogs, scripts, opinion pieces, advertorial copy – you name it and I can do it really well, but wellness journalism is where my passion lies. That's why I'm a personal trainer and holistic health coach in training.

If you're into bold social commentary, mental health awareness, and eco-friendly living, you'll love my blog: It's Cuntroversial.

I am as organised as only a Virgo can be, have a writing voice as versatile as David Bowie, and can be pretty hilarious at times. Let's work together!